Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dogs and Cats and Kids

Tuesday on the farm. 
Lola and Willie play with an old cloth doll in the yard. 
They thrash it around and snack themselves in the face with it. 
I don't buy too many dog toys for them anymore. 
They destroy everything very quickly. 
It seems like such a waste of money. 
So we recycle old toys the kids don't use anymore. 
Willie's favorite thing?
Plastic gallon milk jugs...

Sometimes Lola goes with me when I run errands. 
Willie is afraid to ride in the car. 
Lola likes to sit up front and wait for my return when I go into a store. 
Wednesday we went to the grocery store.

A selfie of me and my other half. 
Geesh, our noses look huge. 

Gigi usually picks out her own clothes. 
She is allowed to wear whatever she wants as long as it's clean, has no holes or rips, and is weather appropriate. 
Friday's ensemble was a hum-dinger.  

Yoga cat. 
Yoga kids.


  1. Iris (sitting on my lap looking at pics with me): "Gigi likes to look fancy like me." ;)

  2. 1. I love cat pictures.
    2. humdinger of a out is adorable! Good for you, Mom!
    3. I LOVE that you are taking a picture as a couple!!!
    4. Something just really appeals to me in the very last picture. Something about the pattern of the rug and the girls stretched out like cats in the sun...I don't know what it is but I like it!