Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Scale From 1-10

I'll strive to be a 6. 
Not an 8, 9, or a 10. 
A 6 sounds good. 

Now, my story starts in my minivan. 
I'm driving the kid to her piano lesson and I've got NPR cranking in my car. 
My kids loooove me. 
The story is on healthcare. 
More specifically, individuals in Chinatown getting healthcare and healthcare insurance. 
The voices heard are from a faraway land that resonate a chatter of heritage and fireworks combined.  
The reporter speaks to a Chinese healthcare provider and she states that the Chinese people don't score the services they receive high. 
They never initially score something on a scale of 1-10 with a high number. 
If they score something high, then there's not room for improvement. 
An exceptional dinner, person, service gets maybe a high of 7. 
There's always room for improvement. 

I can dig this. 
I am always in need of improvement. 
I'm not talking about my physical improvement.
I mean, I sure could use updates in the hair, skin, weight, clothes departments. 
That's a given. 
I do own a mirror people. 
I'm thinking of my "human being on this planet who's contributing" improvement. 
I don't litter. 
I am kind to animals. 
I hold doors for strangers. 
I don't expect a thank you when one is deserved. 
I haven't been employed since 2006 (I think). 
I've been raising my children. 
I know for a fact some people who do not see this as a job. 
But, when you work outside the home you then PAY someone to do exactly what it is that you do for free, raise your children. 
And then I had to raise two children while one was on chemotherapy. 
Geesh, talk about WORK.
I've always wanted to be someone who's giving back to the world. 
Not someone who is just "here" and taking up space. 
When you have a job you are contributing. 
To society and to your psyche's health. 
Being a stay-at-home mom can be mind numbingly isolating. 
So, there are PTO moms. 
And it can be even more isolating if you aren't one of those PTO moms. 
I don't want to live without contributing. 
I am raising my children to be conscientious and thoughtful humans. 
To not litter. 
To be kind to animals. 
To hold doors for strangers. 
And I think that my actions will speak volumes to them one day. 
That I was with them when they were young and gave back. 
I nursed one through a major sickness and the other through normal childhood blechs. 
While giving back to society. 
And I think I'm a 6 on the scale from 1-10.
There's always room for improvement. 
More to do. 
More to share. 
More to learn. 


  1. A lovely and thought-provoking piece...just like you! Have I mentioned lately how glad I am that we are friends???? :)

  2. I like and understand this post. I think you are doing a fine job with this whole parenting/always room for improvement thing. I hope I am doing and showing my children how to be decent human beings as well. Sometimes, I wish I could spew what I REALLY think/want to say with no consequences whatsoever......then I remember, that is not a good idea. ;) It can be tough being reasonable, logical, and decent as little eyes/minds are interpreting.......