Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What To Do...

During a winter storm there's a lot of time. 
Time to do tasks that don't normally get done. 
Time to clean. 
And bake. 
Time to cuddle with your kids. 
Time to hibernate. 
It's too cold to go anywhere. 
The roads are an ice rink. 
So, I've been doing the following...

Baked a banana cake. 
And some brownie bites. 
And a ham. 

Shaved my legs. 

Organized the laundry room. 

Vacuumed every corner I can get to. 

Read a lot of blogs. 

Taken lots of pictures. 

Trudged to the barn. 
Trudged back to the house. 
Watched husband trudge more. 
Watched husband snowblow the 
winding driveway. 

Helped the kids do some crafts. 

Been Rainbow Loomed to death. 

Broke up fights. 
Between housebound dogs.
And housebound kids. 
And housebound husband and kids. 

Read some books. 

Watched movies. 
Caught up on Breaking Bad.

Talked in circles to the barn cats about why they should stay in the house instead of going out in negative temperatures. 

Drank lots of coffee. 
And hot tea. 

Watched Downton Abbey. 

Listened to music. 

Ate nachos that the girls made us for dinner. 

Marveled at Mother Nature. 


  1. Sounds like the perfect time!
    We started school. :(

  2. I felt the need to bake yesterday too! I made Banana bread. :-)