Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday Photo

My five year old is sick. 
She's had a nasty, wet cough for over a week. 
A fever on and off. 
But yesterday she didn't eat much and then threw up at 5am. 
So, I called our ever trusty pediatrician, Dr. Brooks. 
A Medicinal Saint in my book. 
And I'm not even Catholic. 
We got right in to see him this morning. 
Her Co2 was a bit low. 
He heard a bit of crackling and "wetness" in her lungs, upper airway. 
Beats cancer, though. 
Zoe was 5 when she was diagnosed with cancer, so 5 makes me apprehensive. 
I know it's irrational. 
But anytime one of my kids gets a rash or a fever or a cough or a headache or a bruise, something in me internally cries "no, no, no."
So for me, bronchitis seems okay...


  1. Bronchitis is okay, cancer is not. She looks beautiful in this pic.

  2. Love the picture. Hope that she feels better soon!!

  3. I bet she is exhausted. (and you too!)