Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Girl And A Trip...4 More Photos

Gigi and I spend a lot of time together. 
This is the last year, though. 
She will be in school full time in the fall. 
But, for now, we go to dance class in the morning. 
We go shopping. 
Sometimes we have lunch. 

This is her first dance class of 2014. 
She loves dance, but is a little sad her best buddie won't be in class anymore. 

On Friday, Zoe went to a sleepover. 
So, Chad and I took Gigi out to dinner wherever she wanted. 
She chose Monical's Pizza. 

We headed to Chicago after we picked Zoe up from the sleepover on Saturday. 
My parking karma was on FIRE and we snagged a great spot just around the corner from the American Girl Store. 
Only cost us $8 for two hours. 
Isn't that ridiculous?
But it beat parking in the parking garage for $20. 
The girls took their dolls in for some hair styling and an ear piercing. 
They used their own money and had a blast. 

Today, Sunday, we went to The Field Museum. 
My parents got us a family membership and we are so happy about that!
We plan on going several more times this year. 
Today we saw Sue the Dinosaur, mummies, a special exhibit on The 1893 World's Fair, more dinosaurs, Bushman the gorilla, and we were grossed out as we traveled underground and were shrunk smaller than bugs. 
And we ate lunch. 
They have delicious fries at The Field Museum. 


  1. sounds like you all are having fun!

  2. sounds like a very good family weekend

  3. I was like Aww... She mentioned seeing me.. but then realized you were giving a shout out to the dinosaur... Wah.. Wah.. it was good seeing you and I'm glad you all had a good time. xo