Monday, January 20, 2014

365 Photo Journey Continues...

This is our oldest cat. 
Chad adopted him from a friend, right before we got married, who had a shelter in her home. 
That was 14 years ago. 
We think he was 2 years old when Chad got him. 
Tiger was a bully towards other cats. 
He would attack Chad often.
I always wondered why he would adopt such a mean cat. 
His response "no one else would ever want him."
I used to be the only person who could pick him up. 
He's mellowed a lot in his old age. 
He used to go crazy when he was put into a cage at the veterinarian's office. 
He recently showcased his old behavior when he was dropped off at our current veterinarian's office. 
He was so bad, the doctor had to call me into the back to get him into his cat carrier. 
They were scared of the old boy.
He's going to be 16 this year. 
He's hyperthyroid, skinny, senile. 
Chad and I were sitting in bed Friday night when I took this picture.
Tiger likes to sit right by our heads when he sits with us. 
Chad looked at him and said "you're still alive, huh?!"
He just keeps on truckin' along. 

It snowed Saturday.
Not a lot and it's gone already. 
We still have some pumpkins on our porch. 
Fall and Winter all in one. 

Sunday I asked the girls to bathe the dogs. 
Farm dogs can get pretty stinky. 
Willie went first, then it was Lola's turn. 
Both dogs are very calm during bath time. 
I'm glad I have such fantastic helpers to do things like this. 

Today is a two-fer.
I just couldn't decide which picture I liked best. 
It's really warm and there's not much breeze today. 
A great day to go outside. 
I picked up a huge amount of dog poo that's been sitting around on the frozen ground. 
Kicked the ball around for the dogs. 
Then went out to visit the girls. 
A goat a day keeps the blues away.
Except if it's Yogurt (the goat in the back). 
She's the crabbiest goat I've ever encountered. 
Tulip on the other hand is the sweetest gal around. 

These are either cat paw prints or raccoon prints. 
This is the fence that surrounds the main gate to the barnyard. 
Someone's been climbing. 


  1. Old cats.....they do seem to live forever, don't they? We have 4 old men that keep hanging on - all at least 13 years old. :)

  2. Sammy is 15! he's going deaf, or has just learned to ignore me after all these years! loved the blog today, missing the girls, hope Gigi is feeling better!