Monday, October 28, 2013

Farm Chores

We have what is called a hobby farm. 
We dabble in livestock, gardening, and sustainable living.
What we have is nothing compared to some people. 
But it's plenty for us.

I have found that I'm much better at animal husbandry than I am at vegetable gardening. 
Both have their ups and downs in the chore department. 
Vegetables equal weeding. 
Animals equal feeding. 
Vegetables equal a reliance on the weather. 
Animals equal hoof maintenance.
Vegetables equal bugs eating your product. 
Animals equal hugs, goofy horse grins, and brushing sessions. 

While I do like the results of a good harvest...who am I kidding, the most harvest I get is a good supply of chives every year. 
Bottom line is...the animals are much more enjoyable. 
They make us smile with their barnyard antics, they welcome our hugs, they seek out our faces. 
They holler at us from the pasture to come visit with them. 
And while we visit, we get some chores done. 
We shovel up the manure, refill the water buckets, offer an apple or two.

It's nice to have a friend there with us. 
A cat, a pony, a goat. 
I often talk to them, asking them what they've been doing today, did they stay warm during the night. 
They eat it up. 
I'm sure all they hear is something akin to what we heard when Charlie Brown's teacher spoke. 
But I think they love us more than the vegetables ever will. 

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