Monday, October 7, 2013

7 Days

I've been a coughing mess all week long and it's continued into some sort of weird corn-harvest-induced cold.
But I've managed to take some non-shaking pictures of what's been going on around here. 
Gotta love the stability button on cameras these days. 
My mom has yet to find hers.

I sneezed, no lie, 30 times in a row.  
I was spent after that. 

The girls and I went to an owl program at our local conservation nature center. 
Chad had to work (story of his life.)
My childhood friend Jacques runs the Illinois Raptor Center with Jane and they always put on a great educational show. 
We saw two live owls and then the girls dug into an owl pellet. 
Owl pellets are horked up by these creatures and consists of hair and bones that the owls can't digest. 

The girls are going to ride in Grandpa's convertible on Friday for their school's Homecoming parade. 
I have made some big posters to put on the side of his shiny red Corvette. 
My dad is a graduate of this school district (kind of...his school merged about 10 years ago with the neighboring town so it's got a different name now) and our girls are excited to be a part of this Star Wars themed Homecoming parade. 
So, Zoe and her friend Ally are going to ride on the back of Grandpa's convertible wearing storm trooper masks and I made these blonde Princess Leia buns for Gigi to wear as she sits in the passenger seat throwing candy as we pass in front of her primary school. 

Just a regular day. 
Gigi's dance class. 
Zoe's piano class. 
Zoe takes piano at Millikin University where Chad works and we have been eating dinner there on Thursdays. 
Chad's restaurant The Bistro is serving these kick-ass sweet potato fries with a chipotle/ranch dip that I eat every, single Thursday. 

Zoe had a doctor appointment with Dr Brandt. 
Just a regular blood draw kind of appointment. 
But every appointment makes me want to barf. 
This was the first appointment for Zoe where she didn't have the help of her port. 
It was removed in September and she was super nervous for two days because she would have to get her blood drawn out of her arm. 
We put numbing cream on an hour before. 
She was brave and great right up to 12 seconds before the needle went in. 
Then tears. 
Poor girl. 
Our AWESOME nurse Kelly got it on the first poke, got her sample in lightening speed, and threw on a sparkle band-aid.
Zoe got a huge Jamba Juice after this appointment. 
My barfiness didn't go away until later that evening when Kelly called me to say the bloodwork was great. 
The feeling will return in December when she has another appointment. 
I'll write another post soon about the struggle I have concerning these appointments. 

I don't remember Tuesday. 

The girls made a friend in the yard...


  1. You have the coolest girls!

  2. The snake kind of looks like a first year prairie king snake. If it had a stubby pushed up nose it could of also been an eastern hognose. But I am definitely leaning towards a prairie king snake. Just as long as you keep it at your place we should be fine. ;-) LOL

    1. We wondered what type it was! Thanks! It was sweet, it let us pick it up!