Sunday, August 18, 2013

An Impromptu Visit

We made a visit to Chicago this weekend. 
It was not a weekend we had made advanced plans for. 
It was a visit of necessity. 
Our dear friend Sue's family had some heartbreak and we were there to show our love and support for them. 
Sue's brother John was unexpectedly taken from his family last week. 
He was only 43 years old. 
This is the same family who lost Jake from childhood cancer. 
So, we found ourselves in the basement of the church's social center once again. 
John was an avid Star Wars fan so it was great to hear the Star Wars Theme playing at the beginning of his memorial service at beautiful St. Gertrude's. 
His sister Sue gave a remarkably moving eulogy for her big brother. 

We spent the weekend at our friend Don's condo. 
He lives right on Lake Michigan and has expansive views of the city we love. 
Chad and Don have been friends for over 20 years. 

I thought it would be fun for the girls to use an alternative mode of transportation on this trip. 
We were close enough to the church that we could walk there, so we brought the scooter and Gigi's bike. 
Zoe ended up walking because she found the bumps in the sidewalks to be too challenging for her and her scooter.
But Gigi trucked along the city sidewalks all the way to the church and back to the condo on her bike. 
She takes after her dad I guess. 

We did some sand sculpting and later the girls donned their swim suits to play at the beach. 
It was a gorgeous weekend in Chicago and it reminded Chad and I why we love the city. 
Zoe floated in the lake and dove under waves. 
Gigi buried our legs in the sand and did some underwater exploring herself. 

We met our friends, the Fischbachs, for dinner last night at one of our favorite pizza joints, Lou Malnati's. 
The girls always love seeing their friends Charlotte Brownie and Baby Zane. 

We had a nice impromptu trip to the city this weekend. 
We wish we hadn't gone for the reason we did, though. 
It's a reminder to live each day with gratitude and love. 
To enjoy your life instead of complain about it. 
To live instead of loathe. 
Until next time Chicago...

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