Monday, July 8, 2013

A Marriage

I've been married for thirteen years this month.
Thirteen glorious, funny, heartbreaking, amazing years.
All because I've taught my husband the rights from the wrongs of our married life.
And throw in two kids and the teaching keeps on comin' on.

Here are some things that my husband has learned about living in our life...

Do NOT give your wife a dust buster as an anniversary gift.

If Gigi ever asks you if we have some rope, always answer no.

Yes, popcorn and fried foods can be acceptable dinner entrees if mom is tired.

The Real Housewives of Orange County really ARE funny if you watch them long enough.

My friends are your friends.

Zoe does well in math because of her inherited dad-math smarties.

Don't let your math smarties go to your head.

It's great that you have a love for horror movies, but the children should not watch them at night until the years 2016-2018.

Having a child with cancer brought out the best in you that I don't think you knew existed.

Make all of the hot sauce that you want as long as you are alone in the house. Please don't asphyxiate the family.

Happy wife, happy life.


  1. Brian says, "A happy wife is a happy life" all the time. Our guys...they are smart! ;)

    1. We have trained them well, tee hee ;-)

  2. I'm curious to know what Gigi does with the rope.....