Friday, July 26, 2013

A Diamond Fan

The girls love the song Copacabana by Barry Manilow. 
It's really just because the lead lady is named Lola like their dog. 
Sometimes I redo the words for them.."her name is Lola, she is a sausage, with yellow feathers in her teeth cause she just chomped on a tweet."
Our dog Lola is fat and lazy, much like Lola in the song after Tony dies and the disco comes to town. 
But, other than Copacabana and I guess the American Bandstand song, I don't much get into Barry. 

I'm no "Fanilow" like my favorite blogger Wendi Aarons is. 
She proudly professes her love for Barry. 
That and she hates kid movies and loves the fact that Farrah from teen mom lives near her now.  
I'm so jealous of that last one. 
But, back to my main point. 
I think I am more of a Diamond Fan myself. 
Neil Diamond that is. 
All of his songs get me belting out at the top of my lungs while driving down Business 51. 
Chad knows all of the words to ND songs, too. 
Which mortifies the kids even more than just me knowing all of the lyrics to Song Sung Blue. 
Really, when it come to Sweet Caroline or Cherry Cherry, Forever in Blue Jeans and America, you just can't help singing along. 
Loudly to boot. 
So I'm here proudly declaring my love for Neil Diamond. 

A few years back I saw The Black Diamond perform at a local street festival.  
I had planned my afternoon around the event. 
No lie, that's what he called himself. 
This had to be good, right?!
Neil Diamond songs being sung on the street where I could join in and boogie along. 
I still can't erase the noise out of my brain. 
This African-American dude touted himself as being capable of replicating Neil's sound. 
Um, nope. 
When he pulled a woman from the crowd to sing Barbra's part in "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" I had to walk away. 
Really I ran. 
That guy should be in jail. 

Oh, and I adore Tom Jones as well. 
But it's really just a way to honor and remember my Aunt Jeanne who thought Tom was the sexiest singer this side of the pond. 
Other than Elvis, of course. 

Who do you heart of the three? 
Neil, Barry, or Tom?
Come on, you've got to pick one!

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  1. Barry. It was on my parents road trip playlist growing up!