Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thinking About...

Just thinking about...

That pig in the Geico commercials, you know the one that drives a convertible and a jet ski.
He always has a witty comeback and gets the hot skinny blonde.
He uses the Geico app to make faster claims when his car gets damaged.
NO WAY would his fat pig "hands" be able to use that app!
I'm not buying it.
Pigs are smart, don't get me wrong.
But use the little app features with those hooves?
Not never.

Currently my children believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, mermaids, Bigfoot, the Tooth Fairy, and the man in the moon.
The jury is still out on God.

We have seen life and death on the farm in the past few weeks.
Wrens have grown and left the nest in the barn.
Tadpoles are using the animal water trough as their growing grounds.
The neighbor's cat who comes over to bully our cats was found dead at the edge of our yard.
A toad (that Gigi had named Toad- Toad) was found dead in the water trough.
A large male rabbit was found in our pasture fence.
Stuck with one half of it's body not able to get through the small wire squares.
Saddest thing I've ever seen.
We held two funerals.
One for Toad-Toad and one for that poor rabbit.
Life and death on the farm.

Zoe participated in the third piano recital of her piano career.
I was a nervous wreck.
I told her after it was all over that I get sooooo nervous before she plays.
She didn't understand why since, "I'm the one playing with everyone staring, mom! Not you!"
I told her it's the mom-gene.
Can't be helped.

Shows I don't watch and have zero desire to watch...
Modern Family
Duck Dynasty
Fox News
How I Met Your Mother
American Idol

Shows I do watch and can't get enough of...
Call The Midwife
Mr. Selfridge
River Monsters...just 'cause I have a thing for extreme sporting guys with accents who are tan and have silver hair.
Good Luck Charlie
Roseanne I've gotten older and married and become a mother I've realized something.
I'm Roseanne Connor.


  1. Interesting about life & death on the farm. I think it is great your family experiences all of this. We include our children in funerals and such. Because when I taught and did child care I saw too many kiddos have weird ideas and fears about it. Parents don't seem to realize that little kids' brains process EVERYTHING and if we don't offer some facts and help them organize the info, it can manifest in some weirdo ways!

    LOVE the TV list. I think I may need to copy this idea....June assignment maybe????

    Call the Midwife and Mr. Selfridge :)
    Good luck Charlie made me LOL

  2. Only 1 more Call the Midwife - boo! Those Brits always have short TV seasons!
    We found a rabbit like that in our fence one time....when I pulled it out, it's dead body squirted pee on me.

    I have ZERO times a million desire to NOT watch Duck Dynasty.....I don't get it. People around here love it.