Friday, May 3, 2013

Going To Be Normal

Zoe is doing really well.
Her hair seems to be growing.
Her energy is way up.
She has normal sized bruises on her legs from playing out in the yard.
Any kind of bruising makes me nervous for her.
I look at the bruises and then keep looking at them to make sure they are going away in a traditional bruising kind of way.
For those that don't know...what peeked my curiosity about her in the September of 2010 were the large bruises she had developed on her legs and lower torso.
I'm talking 2 inch long bruises.
That were very dark.
And that never got better.
She is allowed to see her regular pediatrician now (all hail Dr. Benjamin Brooks!) if she has a sore throat or a sore ear or a sore anything.
Fevers still need to be addressed by the oncologist because she still has her port in place.
I just saw Dr. Brooks this morning (Gigi has a pussy red, pus filled, sore ear- poor girl) and I told him the news and we were both grinning like a couple of cats who spotted a fish flopping on the grass by the pond.
He saved her life and it's been a long time since he has been able to treat her.
She's a success story (knockin' on wood!) and we are fortunate that her cancer was caught when it was and that our pediatrician is a rock star.
I truly believe that if I had waited another week or two to take Zoe into the pediatrician in September of 2010 her outcome wouldn't be what it is today.
She more than likely wouldn't be here with us.

So, in honor of her life and the fact that she's doing so well now, I have a big treat for her...
I'm going to let her be a normal kid again.
I'm going to stop worrying so much.
I'm going to join her on her school field trip next week and we aren't going to worry about germs or fevers or "Hey, stop running!"
We are going to be like all of the other girl/mom groups that are out and about next week.
And the week after that.
And the week after that.
And the week after that...


  1. Yay for normal!!! Celebrate life with less worries! It took me about 4 readings of pussy and sore ear to understand it was a PUS -SY. I was about to ask what you meant by pussy.....I was all like what in the hell is she talking about?! lol

    1. LOL! Maybe I should have chosen a different about a moist, red, bloody ear?!

  2. No, you were perfectly reasonable...I am the one with the problem! ;)

  3. MUCH better descriptive image in my mind....Thanks. ;)