Thursday, January 3, 2013

Just A Glimpse, Please...

Do you ever really look at someone and say, "I wonder what it's like to live in their body?"
I do that a lot.
I see my kids and I wonder what it's like inside there.
To fully experience what they see, feel, smell, think.
I do the same to my husband.
He's a man, I'm a woman.
Big differences, ya know.
What's it like to be in his body?
To walk with his gait.
To speak in his voice
To have no hair on my head, but hair on my chest.
I know him really well, but I'll never fully know him.
With Zoe, she's been a long chapter in Alice Through The Looking Glass.
Her world has been so bonky, out of whack.
She's just now starting to really play with her sister.
To use her imagination in it's fullest form.
To show and be more than just her inner self.
What's been going on in there for these last few years?
Has it all been a haze, full of mashed up ideas and memories that will never be realized?
She doesn't remember a lot of things.
From the past, I mean.
I want to crawl in her ear, see through her eyes, taste with her tongue.
Being John Malkovich is a movie I can connect with, for sure.
I don't want to stay, it will be a short visit.
But, alas, I'll have to be content with living in my own self and being an outside observer.
To my kids.
My husband.

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  1. I get it. Currently, I want to visit the internal 2-year old in my life and figure out what makes her tick.

    I love to read memoirs and blogs for that very reason!