Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What Matters The Most

It's been a rough week for a lot of people.
The unthinkable that happened in Connecticut will be etched into every parent's head and heart.
I have tried to not watch too much about what happened to those children and educators.
I've read my fair share of stories about that day...the kids who showed up outside a man's house who lives next to the school and how he took them inside while they explained to him "our teacher's been shot and she's dead", the heroic acts of the school counselor and principal, the parents who went looking for their child only to find their child was gone.

I have had to live day in and day out for the the last two years plus with the underlying fear that my daughter wouldn't come home with me one day.
But I've never sent her to school, with a quick hug and goodbye, with that being the finality of her life.
It's too much to have to bear.

There's been a lot of talk since the tragedy.
Let me keep my guns!
Get rid of all guns!
I have a friend who made a vague comment on Facebook about how she wanted to live somewhere else.
She was lambasted by her own family on the internet for being unpatriotic and she didn't really mean that she was moving and never once said she hated the good ol' U.S. of A. , but she ended up in tears over it.
(Personally, Finland is starting to sound really nice.)
A senseless act of violence by a mentally ill person can really stir people up.
It's interesting that people want to get right back into the fight of "mine versus yours" after they have done their ten minutes of mourning.
Well, let me tell you.
Those parents don't want to hear about guns vs. no guns vs. mental health reform vs. school safety.
They want to be coloring with their kid.
They want to be finishing up their holiday shopping instead of at a funeral for their baby.
They want things to be the way they were.

We have been given some really good news this week in regards to Zoe's health.
We have been lucky in the world of childhood cancer.
We don't want to fight and there's a lot we have to be angry about.
People really care, I do believe that.
In injustice, reform, and their rights.
But no one really cares until it's happened to them.
Because when a tragedy happens to your child, nothing else really matters.
It really doesn't...


  1. I wish everyone shared your opinion, seriously.

  2. "It's interesting that people want to get right back into the fight of "mine versus yours" after they have done their ten minutes of mourning"
    This blog post touches on your comment......Of course, I have opinions on the matter...but I have really been staying away from it all. Facebook posts have really been kicking my emotional mood in the ass lately...I am simply tired of hearing about people's religious and political BS. This year has sucked for facebook...presidential election, keep Christ in Christmas/true meaning of Christmas stuff, and now all the "answers" for the tragedy in CT. Can we just stick to cute pics of kids and news that people need or may want to hear?!

  3. Glad you received good news for Zoe!