Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sometimes, Somehow

When I eat a bagel, without cutting it in half or toasting it or schmearing it, just eating an entire whole bagel (which is not the best food choice, I KNOW!) I get the hiccups immediately.
Every time.

I need to start photographing again.
Really taking good pictures.
There's a Pinterest post I've seen about taking "a picture a day" for a month with a different topic each day for inspiration. 
I might do that.

I have developed a recent addiction to Diet 7UP.

I love that my kids are interested in politics, go with me to vote, know about social issues like gay marriage and environmental concerns.
Knowledge and compassion start young and I don't think they are too young to care.
When is the right time to start caring?
It's their future.

I have told Willie that if he rolls in one more pile of crap, be it horse or whatever that was on Monday, that I will ring his scrawny freckled neck!

I love watching Top Chef, Downton Abbey, RuPaul's Drag Race, Call The Midwife and Good Luck Charlie.
In no particular order, but I tell you, that mom on GL Charlie is a real hoot and makes me constantly laugh out loud.
I wish we were friends.
Oh wait, she's not really real.
I'm still waiting for Lorelai Gilmore to call me.

I would like to lose 20 pounds.
I think I need to stop eating those bagels.

I also need to do something with the two SD cards I have that are FULL of pictures.
I would like to just throw them all into a pre-made photo book and be done with them.
I don't need all of the captions.
Just the pictures off of the cards.
I like to look at the faces.
To see the past and memories they have made.
Words get in the way.

I wish I could spend every Sunday with my friend Sue.

I'm going easy on Christmas this year.
Just a few presents the girls really want.
We don't need to be swallowed up by a bunch of new crap.
We have each other and our laughter filling my house is enough.
It really is enough.


  1. Just found Call the Midwife! Already love it more than Downton Abbey! (Recently noticed that most of my favorite shows are on that weird?!?)

    Couldn't agree more about simple Christmas but it always feels like extended family doesn't the memo. Been thinking of ways to handle do you?

    LOVE that you just babbled on!

    And that you admit to a pop addiction. There are so many polarizing issues in this world and most recently I feel like soda pop is now the BIG one. Holy cow - I don't care if you drink pop or not but don't judge me for it! (McDonald's fountain coke calls my name!)

    1. I LOVE PBS!!

      The gift thing is hard to control, esp with gma and gpa!

      I don't drink a lot of soda. My kids don't drink soda. I think there are other things to worry about in life than whether someone is drinking it. People are very opinionated, aren't they?! Drink what you want I say! :-)