Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oh, Bother.

I'm not perfect.
Far, far from it.
I'm opinionated (with my sweet family, mostly) and have a short temper.
There are things that I do that bother me.
My reaction to things, really.
Bother me in strange ways.
In ways that shouldn't matter, but do.
Here are a few things that bother me...

When I am late to pick them up from school.
I feel that I need to be there on time, no excuses.
This has become my full-time job.
Mom Incorporated.
Part of this job is to be a chauffeur.
I can't be late for work.
Of course I don't get my pay docked.
I just get snarky looks from my employers.
When the chauffeur is late they worry (well, really it's just Gigi that worries) and it comes...really bothers me!     

When I am short tempered with the kids over stupid things.
I know that I am being ridiculous.

The loud voice comes out and I go into scare mode and I know the entire time that I'm doing it that it's wrong, but it's hard to stop.
I can deal with lots of BIG things (including cancer), but it's the little things that really get to me.
I don't like losing my temper and making my sweet babes tear up and that really bothers me!  

When people are late.
I am not a fan of procrastinators.
I know that this is just a small character flaw, but when it starts to upset the kids and they start whining saying "where's so and so?!" , "when is so and so going to get here?!" then it starts to affect me and then it starts to grate on my raw edged nerves. 
If I can get somewhere on time (I must say I'm usually on time 97.6% of the time, see first thing above) so can you.  When you aren't...that really bothers me!  

It bothers me that late folks bother me.

I really could go and on with this, but I won't bore you.
I'm a hugely flawed person and you don't want to be bothered by what bothers me.
I have some control/OCD issues I should probably talk to a professional about.  
I hope you don't stop reading my blog because that would really bother me.
I'm just sayin'...

high altitude rides do NOT bother me


  1. LOL . . . I love your posts. BTW, I can relate to most of your above statements. Not the high altitude rides though! ;-)

    Glad that I'm not the only crazy one that has a thing about being on time. I am such a clock watcher that I even have a tan line where my watch sets on my wrist. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    Good luck on the post a day!!!!

  2. Totally hear you. I find myself apologizing to my kids a lot more than I ever expected. I cannot believe how I loose my temper with them. If someone else their life did that with them, I would get that teacher fired or pull them from that activity. I almost always think of that about 2 seconds after I lost it. Thanks for sharing your honest, inner-workings! It is helpful to know that other mom's struggle with it too.