Friday, November 16, 2012

Milked Bugs

Things have gotten pretty buggy and milky around here.
I'll get to the buggy first, milky second.

Both girls this week have had a note sent home with them regarding the one thing every parent with a child in "public" school, be it parochial or state funded, fears the most.
Head lice.
You always know who the unfortunate kid is because your kid spouts out "so and so left school early" or "what's her name hasn't been at school for days!"
So, I've been looking through their hair since Wednesday.
Zoe's is easy.
Her hair is still very thin and hasn't grown for who knows how long.
Stupid chemo.
But Gigi.
It's like a gnarled up bird's nest that rats have taken over.
And that's after she's brushed it!

Of course since then, I can't stop scratching my own head.
I did find something odd on Gigi's head however.
A patch of very dry scalp smack dab in the middle of her head up on top.
I've been oiling her up.
But my head is still itchy.

I've also been scratching all over my body because yesterday I found something horrible on Willie.
A flea.
It's November!
In Illinois!
I am cuckoo about putting flea preventative on the animals. 
I begin in the Spring and end usually in October. 
I did start earlier this year because it was unseasonably warm in March.
I should have remembered that and kept it up for October and November, but I've never had to do that before. 
It was in the 70's a few weekends ago and I was shaking in my boots about it for this very reason...fleas.

He had been scratching a lot so I gave him a bath and voila!  
A few fleas!
Are you kidding me?!
The jokes on me I guess.
Mother Nature and her friend Global Warming are working against my sanity and my wallet.
I had to buy flea meds yesterday for seven cats and two dogs and get it on everyone asap.
I'm scratching from head to toe now.
Lice in my head, fleas on my body.
scratch, scratch, scritch, scritch, shiver...

Now on to the milk.
We have two female goats.
No male goats to be seen for miles around here.
We saw that Yogurt had a swollen teat, udder, boobie thing.
The veterinarian was coming out here on Thursday anyway to give the barn critters their shots.
I would have her take a look at it.
Dr. Stacey took a look underneath Yogurt, gave her nipple a squeeze and lo and behold, out came milk!
False pregnancy.
Say what?!
Common in goats, her milk should dry up in a few months.
Holy Moley.
Can anything stranger happen around here?
Poor Yogurt, I hope she isn't really expecting a new baby.
It's a rather draining process (no pun intended) to have someone suckling at you , so she's better off without a new lamb.

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  1. LOL . . . love the posts. We got one of those lice letters too. Of course it was sent home last Friday and my son was sent home sick the day before. So we did not get the note until Monday afternoon when he went back to school. Been checking him, but didn't think about the other parents thinking that might be us because he was not at school. Ugh. . . .