Monday, November 12, 2012


Gigi has turned into a ray of light for her sister during her illness.
She has grown up with hospitals, chemo, and doctors.
She knows nothing different.
She makes us laugh when we need it the most.
She declares " I love you" about 35 times a day.
Never has a more tender heart been seen.
A squirmy hug, a silly face to ease the pain, a hand to hold when Zoe is getting her blood drawn.
I don't think either girl understands the bond that they have, now and forever.
They both have really needed one another these past two years, for different reasons.
Different yet so very similar.
Sisters to the end.
Gigi is a sister of immense proportions in a little bitty package. 

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  1. A sister is your first best friend! I love to see a bond between siblings but something extra special about sisters. :)