Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So Dope

It's interesting to see how your child changes when she goes out into the world.
How others influence so much.
It would be nice to keep the kids in a bubble.
Not to have them introduced to things that aren't to your liking.
But of course that can't be.
There's a big world out there and my girls will come across all types of people, raised by all types of parents.
Parental views spills into their children's brains.
They way they speak, the way they handle situations.
Zoe started acting differently as soon as she started going to school all day.
In kindergarten she would come home with some sass-mouth.
Speaking back to me as she had never done before.
In first grade she started it again.
The freedom of being away from home all day with people as goofy and unsure of how to act in a new situation as she was.  
I think the same thing happened at the start of this year.
She goes to school in August, she comes home and is talking back for two weeks, she is immediately put in her place and the sass stops.

Then there are the things that just come out of their mouths...
"he's got junk in his trunk," "I love Justin Beiber," she is so dope."
Oh wait, I think that last one was me talking to my mom in 1985.
Gigi says the Justin Beiber thing.
We have never listened to the Beiber in this house.
I have no idea how she discovered him. 
I'm guessing school?
Isn't three and a half too young to sing "baby, baby, baby?"
But it's really not too bad.
She could be singing "I'm sexy and I know it!"
Oh wait, she says that, too.

The "junk in the trunk" comment rubs me the wrong way because it's derogatory, it's calling someone fat. 
She may as well be saying "he's got a fat ass." 
I don't like it.
I don't want comments like that to be overlooked by me, for Zoe to think that I think it's okay to say that about someone.
I asked her where she heard that, what it means.
Her responses were "I don't know" and "it means someone has a big butt."
I then stated that I don't want to hear that from her anymore.
I got a long and drawn out "ooooookkkkaaaayyyyy!"

A consciousness towards others starts to form early.
It's formed by what our parents instill in us.
In how we want to view others and how we are viewed by those others.
And I think that is so dope. 

Me and my peeps looking dope in 1989. 


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