Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm Peeved...

Some peeves this week...

I HATE it that at Zoe's school they are "trained" starting in Kindergarten (maybe pre-k, too...I haven't spied enough to see yet and I don't remember when Zoe was that little) to walk with their arms crossed in front of their chest.  It seems so military like.  So Chinaish (They probably don't even do that in China!)  I understand that some kids have a hard time keeping their hands to themselves.  I kind of understand the reason why this is ingrained into their brains, but it really bugs the crap out of me.  REALLY!  I tried telling Zoe not to do it (I'm such an instigator, I know), to walk with her arms by her sides.  She looked at me like I told her she was adopted.  She said "but I'll get into trouble!"  I said "really?  you will be punished for walking like a normal person?"  I double-dog dared her to do it.  She's not a rebel like me I guess because she didn't want to discuss my anarchy anymore.  

Every time I go to StinkyMart to buy eggs I have to go through 5 cartons of organic eggs before I find one that doesn't have a broken egg in it.  Who buys the cartons with broken eggs?  NO ONE!  Take them away!  Hey Associates!  TAKE THEM OFF OF THE SHELF!  Then I hate myself for shopping there and being within those walls in the first place.

I have so many ideas to do things with the girls, but never seem to find the time or the gas money to do them right now.  This cancer just sucks our wallet dry.  We want to drive them over to Indiana to see baby cows being born at this great place called Fair Oaks Farms that we took Zoe to when she was younger.  We want to drive them to Memphis to see pandas at the zoo because they are currently fascinated with pandas.  We are desperate for a life without hospital bills.

This whole Libya thing that is quickly becoming a full scale escalation of hate all over the Middle East and Africa.  The senseless murders for the stupid movie that upset a nation.  How is it that an entire country (okay, I'm sure it's not everyone in Libya, but it seems to be a whole lot of people from what I see on my TV) can be that mad about a movie a few people made?!  It's ridiculous and so wrong on so many levels.  YES!  ALL AMERICANS BELIEVE WHAT THAT MOVIE STATED THEREFORE PLEASE BURN OUR FLAG AND MURDER OUR CITIZENS!  It just, once again, shows what narrow minded people there are in this big, big world we live in.  And what a scary world we live in.  God/Allah fearing people who feel it's their place to take others' lives.  Shame to them all.

I'm spent.
I'm flabbergasted and exhausted.
I'm going to tell Zoe later today that we are going to cross the street in the middle of the road and not use the crosswalk. 
Just to see her law-abiding eyes bug out of her head.

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