Thursday, August 16, 2012


I have introduced the girls to a classic.
They can't get enough.
Addicted is a good word to describe it.
We have to tell them "no more! It's bedtime!"
They have discovered the wonder, the laughter, and endless tears of...

Little House on the Prairie!

It all began a few weeks ago when we were perusing the channels because all that was on TV were the Olympics and we had had enough of volleyball for god's sake!
It was the raccoon episode.
You know, (spoiler alert inserted here!) the one where Laura has the pet raccoon and it bites her and her dog and then runs off and then Pa is attacked by a rabid raccoon in the barn and kills it and now they wait for Laura and the dog to get rabies and die but then the real pet raccoon comes home and they realize Pa killed a different raccoon and no one was going to die.

It's intense!
Gigi was beside herself.
At the end of the episode Gigi was near tears and exclaimed "where is Pa going with the gun? Is he going to kill the dog?!"
That's when Chad piped in with "well, the dog's gonna get jelly brain! What choice does Pa have?!"

Now watching Little House on the Prairie, or as I like to call it LHP, is a regular nightly event.
We've seen the plague episode, the "Nellie is paralyzed, but only for a minute and now she's faking" episode, the episode when Pa's mother dies in Wisconsin, the Ingalls family finally has a baby boy but he dies episode, the "Ma cuts her leg on a wire on the family wagon and then everyone leaves for a trip and leaves her at home alone and her leg gets infected and she goes crazy from the infection and it seems she's about to cut her own leg off" episode.
It's intense.

The girls are glued to the screen.
They ask why all of the episodes are so sad.
We say "life was hard on the prairie. There were good and bad, bad times."
Then we saw the goat episode where Fred the goat butts everyone in the bottom whenever they are bent over.
They had a laugh riot.

I've given them a taste for future episodes.
Goes something like this...
Mary goes blind and moves away to the blind school and meets this guy whose also blind and then they have a baby and then the baby dies and Mary wails "MY BABY! MY BABY!" and Laura meets Almanzo and they get married and then Laura is the school teacher and Miss Beadle gets the boot and Mr. Edwards gets drunker and drunker, but he's such a nice guy and Nellie and Laura get into a mud fight and they open a prairie style B&B and the Ingalls adopt a boy named Albert and he's so cute.

Gigi has a doctor's cap that she likes to wear when her hair is wet (I have no idea why) and I've told her it's very LHP. She loved that.

RuPaul's Drag Race is getting a run for it's money in this house.
The girls love them some drag queens.
It's a duel between LHP and men in dresses.
That Nellie Oleson was a true bitch, though.
An original!

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  1. We don't get RuPaul Drag race - must not have the channel because I never even heard of it. BUT that is a good thing! My daughter's don't need anymore inspiration for Diva behavior! :)