Monday, July 16, 2012

Clear Blue Globe Dreams

The ocean is such a great place to be. All of the senses are on fire at the beach...
hear the waves and gulls.
smell the fish and the seaweed.
taste the sand in your lunch.
see the never-ending horizon.
feel the sand as it rubs each tiny grain against your skin.

It's a wonderland in itself.
The shells and jellies that wash up on the shore are fascinating.
The stories they could tell would be mind boggling if they spoke.

I've been to both coasts of North America and to the Gulf Shores.
I've flown over the big blue to get to Europe.
But there's more to see.
So much more.
I imagine the things still possible:
Witnessing dolphins, whales, sharks, and sea turtles in their element.
Wading in the warm waters of the Carribean and Hawaii, seeing my daughters wiggling their toes under the lapping blue.
Sitting on beaches of lucent white sand while scarce clouds pass overhead.
The earth is such a wonder.
To be able to see it all would be a luxury.
But I will continue to dream the dream and gaze at my globe while longing for another visit to the sandy shores of somewhere.

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