Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fish Farm

We are trying an experiment on the farm.
We have an old concrete water trough for the horse to drink out of.
It's as old as our house I believe.
It was full of murky, green, smelly water when we moved in.
There was two feet of leaves, tree limbs and walnuts in it.
Every year, though, frogs would lay their eggs in it and we would be able to witness that mysterious tadpole transformation. 

Zoe at the water trough in 2008   

But, it was time to clean it out when we got the horse and the goats.
We couldn't have them drinking from it.
So, last year Chad drained it and scrubbed it and now it's a brand new watering hole for the animals.
It still got algae in it, though.
So, upon researching things, I decided to go the old fashion way of the farms of yesteryear and I have bought four goldfish.
Many "old timers" put fish into their water troughs to keep them clean. 
Many got their fish from area ponds. 
I used Walmart as there is not a pond nearby.

FYI- it's not easy to take a picture of fish in water 

I'm hoping the goldfish will...
1* eat the algae thus keeping the water clean for the horse to drink from.
2* provide entertainment for the kids and the cats
3* not die and make me feel bad, but live and help me so I can keep this a "green" farm
4* not get sucked up into the horse's mouth when she's parched.

Goldfish are 28 cents a piece at the mega store.
We bought some fish food, too.
We will supplement that with the algae.
Fingers and fins are crossed...


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