Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wanting a Homerun

Wants and needs are two very different things.
When you aren't dripping with money, as it is at my house, you must learn to live with the needs and forgo the wants.

There are many things I want...
to travel
a new living room furniture set
a working fireplace  
a remodeled kitchen and second floor addition
a new garage
to eat some kick-ass cheese enchiladas
stylish clothes from a stylish store

But the needs always bully the wants...
bills must be paid
medicine for Zoe, sometimes on a weekly basis a refill needs to be called in
gas in the vehicles
cat food, dog food, human food
the children won't stop growing and always need shoes and clothes
It all adds up.

I don't have any neighbors so I don't really need to keep up with the Joneses.
Thankfully we like to live in "rustic" fashion.
We don't have a formally manicured's too big for that.
We sanded down the kitchen cabinets to give them a more provincial look.
Our barn has been deemed "the hodgepodge barn" because it's covered in everything from wood to plastic to rusty metal.  
I try to dress in what I call an artsy manner...I used to be a dancer and dancers are an eclectic bunch.  I'm going with that.
I don't get haircuts too often.
Good thing Chad is bald and does his own grooming at the bathroom sink.
Zoe doesn't really have a lot of hair and what hair she is getting we have been instructed to NOT touch!
Gigi is just getting started and we will let it grow long.
I also like getting dogs that don't need groomed.  Lola has fur, not hair.

The wants are always there, though.
Screaming from the sidelines.
Begging us for a chance at bat.
But then the needs step up to the plate.
And they always seem to hit a homerun. 



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