Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sunshine Needed

Oh this weather! 
It's taunting me! 
It's the start of February and we didn't wear jackets outside this week.
Gigi and I were out in the yard every day, picking up sticks, looking at flower stems trying to pop their wee heads out of the muddy earth.  
We had a "tea party" at the playhouse, complete with handmade dirt muffins and cakes. 
I sat in a chair with the sun on my face wearing but a sweater. 
The horse has been spotted sleeping in the sun with her rear hoof cocked.
The goats were lazing the day away curled up by the fence in the warmth of the day. 
Then today...
It's cold and raining and maybe 30 degrees. 
Stop this torture! 
I do like winter, but only in November and December. 
Maybe early January. 
That's it. 
I'm ready. 
To get out of the house. 
Cabin fever has taken over my soul and I'm getting crabby. 
The littlest native in our house is very restless. 
So, come on Spring. 
Herald your way into my area again. 
Bring me some of your solar rays, some warmth and some windless days. 
I need a little more sunshine right now.              

In the spring I have counted
one hundred and thirty-six
different kinds of weather
inside of four and twenty hours.
~Mark Twain

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