Friday, February 24, 2012

Always Something...

This week we had a little chicken pox scare at our house.
We have been told that Zoe should NOT be around anyone with chicken pox.
Her leukemia and treatment make her immune system void of all goodness.
Then, her grandmother came down with Shingles last month...for those not familiar with Shingles, it's a virus caused by the varicella zoster virus.  Chicken Pox is a varicella virus. 
Not such a good thing for our family. 
Zoe could get pneumonia really bad if she gets the varicella virus.

It all started with this...
Monday evening...dark spots on her face.
Hhmm.  That's weird.
Tuesday...more dark spots on face.  Kind of red, too.
Hhmm.  Very weird.
I ask her "are you washing your face good in the shower?  wash better tonight."
We change her pillowcase.
Wednesday morning...more dark/red spots on her face.
Now it's VERY weird.
Call the oncologist.
Go to school and take a picture of her face to show them the spots.
Email picture of spots to nurse Kelly.

Get a call back later from nurse Kelly and speak with the always wise oncologist...
"are they itchy?" 
"are they raised or pussy looking?"
"hhhmmm, I don't know.  looks like chicken pox.  if there are more tomorrow then I want to see her."
Wednesday evening...more dark/red spots, but on her left arm now.
Guess we will go to the doctor in Springfield tomorrow.
Thursday new red spots, but a few weird looking spots on Gigi!
Call the pediatrician for Gigi...if oncologist says Zoe has chicken pox then that's probably what Gigi has.
Off to oncologist on Thursday.
Upon review from intern (who had to do all of the work for the doctor, love it!), oncologist comes in and looks at Zoe's spots and declares...
"these are not chicken pox!"
"but, I'm not sure what this is."
"it's something viral that she's picked up, probably from her funked up immune system (he didn't really say funked up, but close to it) and it looks like it's going away and it's not contagious"
"so she can go to school?"
"then what's wrong with Gigi?"
"could be what this is on Zoe, who knows?"

So, no chicken pox.
No fear of debilitating pneumonia for Zoe.
For the moement anyway.
I didn't sleep well Wednesday night and my face has broken all out in pimples from the stress of the pox scare.

And Gigi...
no sign of spots today.
She must have sprouted sympathy spots.  

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