Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Week...

Just a few tidbits from my week...

Where does this dirt come from? 
Feathers, fuzz, zany bands.
They all take over my life and pile themselves into the corners.

Gigi likes to stick stickers on the floor. 
This is only allowed on the ugly green linoleum.
NOT the hardwood floors that are original to the house.  Heavens no! 
The area below is a thoroughfare from the dining room to the rest of the house. 
I think I need to scrape these off now. 
 I believe I see cookie monster crying out for help. 

This little, tiny, wee pillow is for a dollhouse the girls play with. 
EVERY time I see this huge tag it drives me bonkers that it's
so long and I tell myself that I HAVE to cut it off. 
I think this pillow as been in our house for a year. 
Snipped the crap out of that tag as soon as I finished taking this picture.
Whew!  I feel better now.

Chad made an impromptu lentil/pasta stew the other night.
Fantastico!  So nice to have a certified chef in the house.  

If there's one "plus" to having a child with cancer who has to take a lot
of medication at home, it's this...
When the little sister gets sick and needs to go to the doctor, there's no fight.
If the little sister needs to take medication in any form, there's no fight.
Because she wants to be like her big sister.
Gigi already looks up to her.
And Zoe has no idea.

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