Monday, January 16, 2012


My January inspiration belongs to all moms...

Moms who carry babies in their bodies and then endure the pain and the stretching of skin to bring a new member of the planet into their lives.
And who love this little person, no matter what they look like, no matter how foreign this person seems to them. Because it's her baby.

Moms who get up every 2 hours and without a hint of malice in her mind, nourish this child with milk from their own being. Because it's what's best.
And who cleans the poo that explodes up the back of this sweet baby and laughs at the father as he groans in disgust. Because it's just a little poo.

Moms who hear terrifying news that her child is sick. Really sick. And she must endure this bad news and not let a hint of despair seep from her eyes to her child's eyes. Because it's going to be okay. It has to be. And she keeps smiling. Because she's mom.

Moms who help their child pack up to leave for college. Excited for this new beginning for the baby who is now all grown up. And she cries all the way back home in the car. Because everyone is gone now.

Moms who:
-teach the spelling of pneumonia and humdinger.
-show a toddler how to wipe their own butt.
-make pie just because it's Tuesday.
-are forced to bury their child far too early because of someone else's horrific actions.
-show her girl how to tie her hair up in a side ponytail and her boy how to play piano.

Moms who become grandma and great-grandma and who love each new addition to the family as if they had never seen a more beautiful creature.

Moms provoke me.
To be a better mom.
A more inspiring mom.
A mom my kids won't ever forget or roll their eyes at.
Well, the eye rolling may be inevitable...

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