Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I do enjoy giving gifts at Christmas (and who doesn't like receiving, ya know?!). I'm not really a humbug about gift giving.  I like to think about a person and then make my decision.  I was just telling my mother that I'm not doing "the list" anymore.  My mother makes a list and wants you to buy the things on the list.  I know she's trying to be helpful, but it seems so forced.  I told her I'm not buying off of her list anymore.  No one else gives me a list of things they want.  So, I'll instead keep my ears open and take notes on the pen and paper that live inside my head from now on.  I already do this with my kids and Chad.  Everyone else better watch out...I don't give gift receipts.  Really.  I don't.  Too bad if you don't like it.  Enjoy my gift or else...

Some things I will be buying this year, would love to have myself, or have bought in the past that make fun gifts...

Sketchers Twinkle Toes
Both girls have these (Gigi is on pair #2) and at first I was not into these.  They light up.  Ugh.  But, they are really cute, go with anything and the lights are super cute and not obnoxious.  They get complements on these shoes EVERYWHERE they go.

I love giving books at Christmas. 
Just ask my nephew. 
When he was little I would buy him at least one book every Christmas. 
I still love getting and giving literature. 
I'm not a kindle/nook person.  I like paper and ink. 
I also like giving helpful books; cookbooks or animals/nature/birding books.

French things:
I love all things French.  It stems from my one and only trip abroad in 2004. 
Chad and I went to Paris and WOW, that's all it took! 
I love giving soaps or food or anything that's French or French inspired. 
Ooh La La!


All things French!

Creative Play Toys:
I like to get the girls toys that make them use their imagination.  While I do buy DS and Leapster games for them, I like to round those out with creative play. 

Melissa and Doug

Science kits


You can't go wrong with a nice sweater, some socks or a hat...

little missmatched socks are a hit at our house

This hat is right up my alley.
Would look nice on my noggin.
I like this.
Just sayin'... 

Locally bought gifts:
I prefer to buy things online or at local merchants.  I abhor the mall and Walmart, but do enjoy going to Target on any morning other than a Saturday or Sunday.  Target is my vice. 
BUT, my favorite shops are the independent shops.  You can't go wrong there and you are helping "the little guy" fulfill his/her dream of owning a shop. 
One of my favorite in Decatur is, but of course, Del's Popcorn Shop
I like giving their locally made candy and popcorn at Christmas.     

Charity Giving:
Another great way to spread the joy of Christmas each year is to donate. 
Your time or funds are greatly appreciated everywhere. 
We help out at our dance company's (The Dance Centre) annual holiday show.  
Money is raised to benefit the Salvation Army Angel Tree. 

This year we are going to make it annual tradition to donate to CureSearch
Our lives will forever be touched by pediatric cancer and it's the least we can do.

A few other great organizations that I'm hoping to donate to soon are:

88 Bikes - an awesome organization founded by three guys who give bikes to underprivileged children in developing countries (and the US) to empower them to take control of their own future.  $88 buys a bike and they give 100% of your donation to that bike and getting it to a child. 

Heifer International - donate a specific amount of money and a family in an impoverished area of the world receives livestock, food seed and training to enrich their lives.  To provide their family with an income.  To sustain them another day.  People can get a cow, goats, chickens, llamas, seeds, the list goes on and on...

So, this holiday season remember those that are close to you with a new sweater or book. 
And remember those that you don't know by giving the gift of your time or a donation. 

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!


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