Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sugar and Love

On Friday the girls were handed a task.
Help was needed to decorate gingerbread houses.
A village was to be made and displayed.
For the hospital in town, for sick children to see.
Do your best, the Chef said to them.
But eat lots of candy, don't spoil the fun.

Gigi was gung-ho from the start.
Saying "free candy" to her didn't hurt.

Zoe was as serious as she could be. 
Ready to decorate her house with confections galore. 

An architect in the making?
She has a knack for display.

Uniformity and style abounded on her home.

While Gigi's had more of a hodgepodge effect.

When it was complete Zoe's house joined the others in the village.
With a heart shaped door to signify that love was within.

And Gigi's home was seen as well. 
Full of a three year old's hope and good will.

A morning mission is complete. 
New friends were made at the university where dad works.
A good deed was done by all of the kids, even if they didn't realize it. 

Quite a few of the children in attendance that day have had their fair share of being in a hospital.  We hope that none of them have to visit during this holiday season.  While the sight of a gingerbread village may help brighten their day, we all know it's just a sweet escape from our own reality.  One that's not always dusted with sugar. 

Wishing you happy holidays and as always, good health to your children...

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