Saturday, November 26, 2011

Speak For Yourself

Gigi is three now.
She has an immense vocabulary.
But she has the proverbial "cute little kid speech" and it's hard to understand her sometimes.
I need to start correcting her now that she's three and her vocabulary needs to mainstream itself.  
I am with her everyday (it's a 24/7 love-hate thing we have going on) and so I can understand 98% of what she says.  
I do have to translate for some people. 
If I don't understand her, I go to Zoe. 
If Zoe doesn't understand her, then nobody can.    

Here's a sample of "Gigi-speak"

Yater = water
Tipper = picture
Teeppa = pizza
Poop = ? (she says this a lot just out of the blue...) 
Temple = pencil

Lots of things end in a “ed”
Come oned
Zozo hitted me

This morning she commented on Chad's "tatoond" that's on his arm.

She's a hoot. 
She's an entity all her own.
She's been called a free-spirit, jester, clown, and just yesterday I dubbed her as "the dog that lives under the porch who has no socialization."  
That last one came after she had a screeching fit in the library.  
I wish I could have taken her tipper to show her later how crazed she was.
She would only laugh at the tipper, though.
Then look at me and very seriously declare "poop!"

A child is a curly dimpled lunatic.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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