Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cassatt and Degas Live On...

I am a hoarder in my life in only one area.
My children's artwork.
It's hard for me to get rid of anything.
It's all so sweet and will forever be reminiscent
of a time that is short lived and full of discovery.
I label all drawings with the approximate date and who did the artwork.
OCD in overdrive, for sure. 
I am doing better now that Zoe is in school.
I don't keep EVERYTHING anymore.
Just the most important stuff...

Artist Zoe
Age 3
She has his ears down perfectly

Animal Montage
Zoe's love for animals and herself
are evident in this drawing.
Age 5  

Nature Family and Pets
Artist Zoe
Age 6
Chad has a goatee and Zoe always makes
sure she colors people with the correct eye color. 

Collage Art Work
Artist Gigi
age 2
She knows her facial structures very well. 

Not sure who this is
Artist Gigi
age 2 1/2

I'm curious what the future holds for my artists. 
Will their love of art heighten or fizzle out? 
Right now Zoe loves to draw.
She recently received a horse and rider tracing kit from Sue and she LOVES it.
Now if I could just find Fashion Plates for her.
I looooooved Fashion Plates and I think it's right up her alley.

Next spring will be the perfect time to take them to the Art Institute of Chicago for the first time. 
We may be able to control their desire to touch the paintings and to knock over the sculptures.
I loved going there as a child.
I ate it all up.

And Gigi has finally stopped eating crayons, so I think her artistic future looks bright.  

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