Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Take the Time to Read...

The local bookstore in our town is gone.
It was a Borders franchise and we all know how that went down.
So, we are a family that lives to read and we can't go anywhere locally to peruse the new books.
Since we moved here, we have been using the public library and have started going there even more since the bookstore went kaput.  

I think that more people should pay visits to their local library.  
DVDs, CDs, fiction, non-fiction, childrens, local history.
I could go on and on and on...

The children's section of our library is an entire floor. 
An entire floor of amazement and color and words that jump
out at you as you walk past the shelves.
In the summer they hold a summer reading program with incentives to read all summer long. 
The girls love it and all of the prizes that go along with it.
The library hosts some great summer shows for the kids, too.  Puppet shows and live action...this summer we saw THE Darth Vadar! 
It was out of this world! 

Gigi is fascinated with Max and Ruby.
Two rabbits, a brother and sister, who were created by the author Rosemary Wells.
We have checked out every single Max and Ruby book numerous times. 
We have about 5 at home right now. 
It's her current obsession. 
It's also the theme of her upcoming third birthday party. 

Zoe likes the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems. 
I get a kick out of them, too.
They are easy for her to read and she laughs out loud when reading them.

I am partial to the teen books myself.  A quick read and always full adventure.  I, of course, have read through all of the Harry Potters and most of Kate DiCamillo's books.  The Golden Compass series was great.  

I also look through the new releases downstairs.  The adult fiction selection is really fantastic.
I have found a lot of books in regards to horses and goats, small farming. 
It's an excellent selection for the new hobby farmer. 

All in all, our local library is a great asset to our community.  We love to go there and as cliche as it sounds, get lost in the books.

Take some time to go to your local library if you don't already.  
You may discover that it's quite extraordinary and you'll wonder why you hadn't gone before.       

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