Thursday, October 13, 2011


Eighteen more days until the witching hour is upon us. 
The night where ghosts and headless horsemen are out in abundance.
Where spooks swoop down out of the night sky to steal you away...forever... 

We love scary stuff in our house. 
Chad is a connoisseur of horror movies, something he can't wait to pass down to his daughters. 
Zoe stated a few weeks ago that she wanted to watch something really scary.  
We tried to start out small with The Sixth Sense
We thought that she would get a bit bored by all of the dialogue and not get too upset. 
There were scary parts indeed, where she was hiding her face under dad's arm, but for the most part she did fine. 
We explained things as the movie went along. 
No harm done. 
We have always told her that movies are just fun stories with actors and then explained what actors are. 
She knows some of our friends are actors, so she gets it. 
Maybe we will move up to something scarier around Halloween.     


This year's costumes have been decided. 
We found Gigi's first and Zoe developed her costume idea after seeing what Gigi wanted.  
Last year they had a theme (Zoe was Cleopatra and Gigi was her cat)
and this year's theme should be just as fun. 
I hope they continue this way. 
Doing something together.
It's so sisterly. 

We have pumpkins and cats on our real porch. 
Always a kitten longing around the front door.
Just waiting to get scared and strike the perfect Halloween Cat know the one, right?
Back arched, hairs standing up.
It's hysterical to see them play fight with one another and hit that pose.
They are truly frightening...tee-hee.

So you better watch out...
Keep the spooks away and beware of sounds in the night.
Do you hear that wailing from afar?  What's that shadow to my right?
Halloween is coming!  

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