Thursday, October 27, 2011


Sometimes it's the regular (or in our house irregular) things in life
that make things interesting and less mundane.

Such as mixing brownies up with Gigi...beware those that eat these. 
Gigi kept sticking her tongue on the mixing spoon, mixed some more,
tongue, more mixing, tongue, you get it... 

There's story time...
The rest of this story involved two children in the woods who upon
hearing a "trit, trot, trit, trot" from behind were met up
with none other than The Headless Horseman.  Scary stuff indeed. 

Be careful where you put your mechanized Thomas the Train Engine...

Pumpkin carving can cause temporary blindness...

It's a gooey affair. 
Mom does not stick her hand into a pumpkin
unless it's a life or death situation.

 Broken ankle and granny walker at hand, a girl gets the job done.

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