Friday, September 2, 2011

Purpose and Work

Things are busy on the farm.  
The horse is a poop machine.
She's much worse than Gigi ever was.
Buttercup Luck will lay down and she doesn't care who or what is in her way.  
When she lays in the poo and turn a different color than her regular somewhat glossy white, it's time for mama to give her a bath.
That was definitely a first for me.
It was sort of like washing the car, but this car was moving around...YES, I had her tied up, but still, she's a mover. 
Luckily not a shaker, like the dog is. 

My "before" picture...

And my "after" shot.
Not too shabby, huh?

Everyone has been busy working in the barn, not just me. 
 Zoe gets up every morning to help feed the animals.  
Chad has become an excellent stall mucker-outer. 
Gigi corrals kittens up quite well.
And the cats are learning their purpose.
Popcorn and his first mouse...way to go Mr. Mouser!  


FYI- we did not let him eat the mouse.

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