Sunday, September 25, 2011

Healing Creatures

I've said it before and I'm saying it again...
Nature has a way of healing the soul.
It has a way of lifting your heart up.
It has got to help with healing.
It's just got to.
If I had his guy sitting on my shoulder, I would feel lighter and happier...maybe.
He is kind of big.
And ugly.
But in an ugly, cute kind of way.
Anyway, he made my girls so happy the other day when they found him in the yard. 
That's what mattered the most. 

Now this lady is someone we just watch from afar.
She lives on our front porch. 
I'm fine with spiders as long as they are OUTSIDE.
If this arachnid were in my house,  I would not be in my house with her!
As long as she's outside catching bugs and eating them, then we have no problems.
A few years ago we had a large spider like this who made gorgeous webs every night right on at our front door.  We could sit inside and watch her make her web, catch and cocoon bugs right in front of our eyes!  It was really cool.  
I told Zoe that she was Charlotte A Cavatica's cousin. 
You know Charlotte, right? 
From the famous book/movie. 
Met a pig named Wilbur. 
This must be Charlotte A. Cavatica's other cousin.  

She spins a might fine looking web.  I love the dew drop effect.  Amazing. 

Nature and it's healing effects can look you right in the eye.  
Animals seem to have a sense of when someone needs a hug or a nuzzle.
They can sense the good people in the world and know when to run from the bad.
Our pony is so happy here.  She used to live in a stall and paddock, but now she's in a pasture and can run and prance and she even did some wild horse bucking yesterday for us.
It was as if she was showing us how happy she is.
Happy to have a little kid love her again. 

Deer.  We are busting with deer again this year.  We have two mamas now who both had twins.  Some nights they are all out, one mama and her twins in the north field and one mama and her twins in the south field.  Out together, taking care of their babies with their Auntie Fat Face watching over them all.  I'll tell you more about Fat Face in another post. She's a one-of-a-kind deer.     

So if you are feeling a bit low, have a headache or just need to recharge yourself, get outside. Turn your cell-phone off (but take it with you in case you need to take a picture or fall into a large hole!) and check out the restorative values you can find in nature. It's sure to heal all that ails you. It does that for our family.

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