Friday, September 9, 2011

A Funny Farm

Remember that movie Funny Farm from the 80's with Chevy Chase?
Remember his dog that ran and ran and ran and barked and barked and ran?
The chaos that ensued, ducks that had to get out of the way fast all because of the dog?
That is my house sometimes.
Most times

Lola is a highly instinctual dog.
She chases anything that runs, be it children, squirrels, cats or goats.   

She will also chase walnuts.
Walnuts that are thrown or kicked across the yard.
Walnuts that are tucked away inside their green outer layer.
A layer that smells like lemon Pledge.
A layer that I'm sure tastes like lemon Pledge.
But, being the instinctual dog that she is, she will chase them over and over and over and over.
Each time biting into the walnut, getting a taste of it's bitter inner juices.
Causing her to shake her head and drool and spit out the foul object.
Then, anxiously waiting for the next one to be hurtled into space for her to catch.
Thus repeating over and over and over the shake, droll, spit out sequence.
Dumb dog.   

Lola chases the goats if they get out of the fence. 
Just yesterday,  Yogurt (our smaller, yet feistiest goat) decided to leave the safety of the fence and began taunting the dog.  Standing on her back legs and rearing up to give her a good head butting.  
But then fight or flight took over and away she ran.
With a considerably bigger creature on her tail.
After a few screams from me to Lola, demanding she stop her chase, Yogurt decided to hurl herself into the fence.  
The only effect that made was for her to bounce right back off of it.
She came running back quite rapidly to me, practically begging me to put her back in with her sister Tulip.
Her hair was sticking straight up on her back.  Terror and a near death experience taught her a lesson.  Stay away from the dog.  
She'll probably try to get out again today.
Dumb goat.      
The barn kittens are up to 5 pounds now.  
The vet says that they are a healthy bunch for sure.
These kittens are amazing.  Never retaliating when carried upside down, or shoved into a basket with a blanket on top of them for Gigi-imposed naps.  
They tolerate having their insides sloshed around when Gigi runs through the yard while holding them.
Good kitties for sure.

Then when the day has worn itself out and the dog in Funny Farm has decided to stop running, everything winds down.
To a somewhat slower pace.
No more chasing and head butting and jostling.
Just rest.

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