Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prescription: Swallow Ten Pills At Bedtime

Zoe has been a real trooper since her diagnosis.  She of course has her down days, especially when she's taking steroids.  Steroids will be happening once a month for the next year.  She gets very depressed.  It's hard to watch.  I can't imagine what it's like inside her head for her during steroid time. 

In fact, I can't imagine what it's like for her period.  I can imagine, but I'll never really know. 

I do think it's easier for her because she's 6 years old. 

Adults always make a huge deal out of things while children just go with the flow.  
It was traumatic at first for her when her hair fell out, but she's accepted it and I must say, she looks very cute sans hair. 

I have tried to learn from her and live with a new mantra...who cares.  

*Who cares if there's a long line at the store...I'm lucky to have money to shop and two legs to stand on while waiting.

*Who cares if gas prices are soaring up...this happens every summer and unless I start walking everywhere, it is what it is.  

*Who cares if your kid is going to space camp or summer music kids are happy being themselves and I stand up for them in whatever they want to do.

*Who cares if Dancing With the Stars or The Bachelor or whatever crazy shows are on and you had to miss it because the President decided to give a speech at the same time...I know that time is fleeting and my kids are more important than a TV show and we try to watch as little mainstream TV as possible.  

*Who cares if it's hot out, cold out, raining out, cloudy out...find something better to worry about instead of something we have no control over.  Worry about the lack of education for children/women in 3rd world countries or the extreme poverty and hunger that some Americans face.  Worry about childhood cancer victims and the help doctors and researchers need to allow them to survive their disease and live to become adults.  Worry about that and help out.  Donate your time or money.  

*Who cares if you have a cold or your allergies are killing thankful that you don't have to take up to 10 pills in one day and hope that they don't wipe out your immune system and/or your thinking abilities in the future.           

When I look at Zoe holding her vials of medicine that are curing her of a horrible disease that she didn't deserve to get, I am humbled. 

Humbled to live my life with less angst and more hope. 

We should all learn from her. 

If she can live her life and be carefree, can't you?

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