Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fingers crossed...

The holidays are here.

Turkey day has come and gone.

We spent it watching a child suffer while guiltfully eating turkey with sweet potatoes on paper plates from the hospital cafeteria.

Now Christmas is creeping up.

Thank goodness I am a think-ahead shopper. I got my Christmas layaway out on Monday that I've had since July.

Now I have to make mental notes of things to add to that stockpile when Zoe announces, "oooooo, I want that!"

I can only hope that things go a bit more smoothly at the end of December.

We have to live day to day...
a fever, a scratch, a bite from a feral sister; all must be taken very seriously.

We want to make plans, but right now we aren't able to.

If need be, we will bring a large decorated tree into the hospital and Santa will have to alter his flight plan...

but let's hope that our Christmas plans don't have to be diverted away from our favorite place...


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