Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fa La La La La

The cold weather holiday season is fast approaching and while I love these upcoming holidays, I don't necessarily like the cold weather associated with them. One or two nice peaceful looking snows is sufficient for me. One for Christmas and one right after Thanksgiving would be nice. We live across from a wide open cornfield and the wind comes howling across the yard. Our almost 100 year old house with it's beautiful, yet almost 100 year old windows, gets chilly. It's almost time to put the plastic on the windows, fancy the place up a bit!

Zoe has been making her Christmas list. Who knew that I would be spending money on things called "fuzzoodles" or "squinkies"?

It's a bit easier when there is a list to look at. Gigi can't write yet so I don't know what she's going to get from Santa!

She LOVES baby dolls, so I'm sure she will get one of those and a new doll stroller. The overload of toys and games gets to be too they really need all of this stuff?


But when life gets hairy and new obstacles are thrown your way, you can go a bit overboard. I'm sure this Christmas will hit the maximum for Zoe. She deserves to have anything she wants. She's endured a lot this past month and has much more to come in her future. She's wise beyond her years and I'm not worried about her being over-indulged or becoming "spoiled". We have been told by hospital staff that kids with cancer tend to be more mature than other kids their age, they have had to grow up faster.

So, bring on the fuzzoodles, the squinkies, all of the American Girl Doll crap she can handle...

This is one kid who has been nice, not naughty.

Gigi on the the other hand..............

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  1. Haha, yea I suppose regular toy names are the thing of the past huh? Its getting chilly here too. Hope the wind hasn't been too bad down south!