Sunday, July 18, 2010

Who Has The Napkins?

It was Ice Cream Safari Day at the zoo! It's a great afternoon spent wandering around the zoo checking out our furry and feathered friends while eating free ice cream. This is the the 3rd year we have attended and we hope to never miss it. The Macon County Sheriffs office sends out deputies to dish out ice cream cones at various stations throughout the zoo. You just walk up and they give you a free's great!

The Sheriff is always there and he and Chad had a lively discussion today about the Chicago Bears and what a great team they are going to be this year. He told his deputy that he should have given us more ice cream because Chad had on a Bears hat!

The girls got their faces painted. This was Gigi's first face painting and she held still for her little cheek heart. The elderly balloon-bending clown was there, he's a bit creepy, but he makes great balloon flowers.

This year we got strawberry, cookies & cream, fudge swirl, chocolate, chocolate chip and neapolitan ice cream cones.

We never miss a station and get lots of napkins.

This is another tradition that I want my girls to remember when they are older.

It was a great July day at the zoo. The ice cream was dripping down our chins.

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